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Oil Massage

All bodies of all ages can benefit from oil massage, ranging from babies to the elderly. You can oil massage in naroda, a partner or a family member. Techniques from the Ayurvedic tradition are the best for massage. Using oil to anoint the body and slow gentle motions to release tension in the muscles is a technique that anyone can perform. While standing, laying or sitting on a towel that you don’t mind ruining with oils, use gentle pressure to massage warm oil into the feet, legs, abdomen, arms, neck, and even scalp. Spa in naroda use this time to breathe deeply and clear your mind, while allowing positive thoughts about your body and its shape and abilities to anchor you. Caution: People with blood disorders or injuries to the joints, bones or muscles should avoid deep tissue massage. Abrasions or blemishes to the skin can become irritated during the massage. Bruising can occur when the massage is not performed cautiously. 

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