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Gel Massage

Royal family spa recommends massage gels for clients with tight muscles. Gels help target tight muscles deeply, she said, with soothing heat from friction occurring during the massage. This is best if the therapist wants to target specific muscle groups, rather than the entire body. Massage gels are great for deep tissue work and sports massage, according to gel massage in naroda. “The benefit of massage gels is that due to watery complexion, it allows massage therapists to massage at a more rapid rate, creating more friction and heat,” she said. “Another benefit is that gels do not give you the same greasy feel like some oils.” Since most gels are stain-free, they protect clothing and sheets, best spa in naroda said. Unlike creams, they lack a creamy consistency and typically do not have moisturizing properties. For full-body massages and sessions where moisturizing products are needed, creams are probably better than gels. 

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