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Dry Massage

The only confirmed benefit of brushing the skin is exfoliation. Doing this removes Trusted Source dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, which may help improve its appearance, especially if a person follows this by rinsing the skin, drying it, and moisturizing. Some people also enjoy how dry massage in naroda feels. People may find it helps them feel refreshed or awake before getting into the shower. It can encourage people to take time for self-care, which may be a benefit in itself. Some claim that dry brushing can also boost circulation, help with lymphatic drainage, and other health benefits. While it is plausible that it may boost circulation in a similar way to body massage in naroda, there is no evidence to confirm this. Similarly, while a specific type of massage known as manual lymphatic drainage is proven to help drain lymph, there are no studies on whether dry brushing can do this. Lymph is a fluid in the body that travels around the lymphatic system.

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